Profoto D4 Acute to Pro Settings

The Spider Dolly visits Cleveland!

Coming equipped to be operated as a 3-leg or 4-leg dolly system that runs on Flextrack, the Spider Dolly is an intuitive piece of equipment that has applications on every set.  Chicago was nice enough to let Cleveland borrow theirs for a limited time, so stop in to check it out!  Below is a quick video of John B. showing off the 3-leg configuration.

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Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software

Built on the world’s best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software because it is fast, intuitive, customizable to the most rigorous workflow, meets the most demanding project requirements and consistently delivers spectacular results.

  1. -World class Raw Conversion

  2. -Impressive High ISO Noise Reduction

  3. -Tailor-made Camera Profiles

  4. -Comprehensive Digital Asset Management

  5. -Instant Tethered Capture

  6. -Customizable User Interface.

For more info give us a call: 216.361.6805

New to Rental! The Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

New to Rental!

Canon EOS C100 EF Cinema Camcorder

Canon 24mm T/1.5 EF Cinema Lens

Canon 50mm T/1.3 EF Cinema Lens

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2077 East 30th St.

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6475 East Galbraith Rd.

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Introducing the IQ250!

Capture everything, anywhere

Amazing ISO sensitivity
Get high quality images shooting at ISO 100, 6400 or anywhere in between. With this digital back you can capture unique images in available light anytime.

Fluid and responsive Live View
With the fluid and responsive high quality Live View of the IQ250 you will have great composition and focus assistance whether you are using Live View directly on the digital back, connected via USB3 to Capture One, or wirelessly to Capture Pilot.

50 megapixels captures
Capture images of 50 megapixel resolution and of outstanding quality.

14 f-stops dynamic range
Capture the most demanding scenes in one shot and retain details in highlights and shadows with the IQ250 thanks to its abundant 14 f-stop dynamic range.

Long exposures up to an hour
The IQ250 digital back gives you a phenomenal exposure time range, as fast as 1/10000s and as long as one hour (the actual exposure time range is limited by the camera attached).


Broncolor lighting seminar at Dodd Camera with Nadia Winzenried!

Nadia will be hosting an educational lighting seminar that demonstrates professional studio lighting techniques for high-end commercial and fashion photography. You will learn from the master; Nadia’s photographic and lighting expertise is revered by both professionals and customers alike.
Nadia will focus on defining the photographers toolbox, the characteristics of several broncolor light shapers, the quality of the light they produce, and how to mold and adapt to different subjects and environments. She will show several applications with examples of broncolor lighting modifiers for both still life and beauty sets, using the new Broncolor Move 1200L and Scoro power packs.

Dodd Camera
6475 E Galbraith Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Monday, March 31, 2014

Commercial Product Photography Session
1:00pm - 4:30 pm
Click here to register

Portrait Fashion Photography Session
6:00 pm - 9:30pm
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