New to Rental

As usual we are continuing to increase our inventory in order to keep you on top of the competition and ahead of the curve.  Below is a list of the new items that can be found in our Rental listings.

Canon 1D X

Canon C300 & 5D Mark III

Nikon D4 & D800

Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED Kit

Lowel Prime Led 200 & 400 (Daylight)

Profoto D4 Acute to Pro Settings

The Spider Dolly visits Cleveland!

Coming equipped to be operated as a 3-leg or 4-leg dolly system that runs on Flextrack, the Spider Dolly is an intuitive piece of equipment that has applications on every set.  Chicago was nice enough to let Cleveland borrow theirs for a limited time, so stop in to check it out!  Below is a quick video of John B. showing off the 3-leg configuration.

Time Lapse with Motion!

Adding the Motion Controller to the Matthews DC Slider not only enables the user to create stable automated camera movements, but also allows for simple, seamless integration with a DSLR to create dynamic time lapse footage with motion!

Using gear from the Rental Department, Nathan was able to capture the intriguing footage you see below during this year’s Spring Trade Show & Sale.  Although he had never used this particular combination of equipment, he found the setup to be quick and easy and was able to squeeze in three different variations throughout the day.  You can see one of these videos below, and our Videos page has all three examples.

You too can utilize these cutting edge tools to easily and affordably create enticing footage that will set you apart and keep your clients coming back for more.  Contact an associate for more information.

Nikon D4 Time Lapse Movie mode with Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 ZF lens, mounted on Matthews DC Slider with Motion Controller.  Footage straight from camera.

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ALPA Photokina Announcement

The ALPA 12 FPS (focal plane shutter) opens the door into a new dimension: from the modular camera platform to the open toolbox. The ALPA 12 FPS is a shutter module when it is used together with another ALPA 12 camera. It is, however, also an independent camera when it is combined on its own with a back, a lens and a suitable adapter. This opens up the use of brand-new or fond old lenses from dozens of different manufacturers of optical systems – with or without a central shutter and with or without manual or electronic aperture control.

OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8 Break Tethering for Canon in Capture One Pro

Please take note of the latest announcement from Phase One regarding the recent Mac OS updates.

In the last month we have had several support cases regarding the limitations and stability of tethering of Capture One 6.x within various Apple OS'. The majority of these performance challenges have come from Canon users. From all the data collected we have the following suggestions.

For the best stability when tethering Canon Cameras please use Capture One Pro 6.4.2

within the Apple 10.7.4 Operating System

If you are using a Canon 5D Mark III or Canon 1Dx please use Capture One Pro 6.4.4 within the Apple 10.7.4 Operating System

It is NOT SUGGESTED YOU UPGRADE TO 10.7.5. We have have had confirmation that the recent Apple Operating System update to 10.7.5 will cause all the same conflicts as 10.8.x.

As the Canon Software package used in any version Capture One Pro does NOT support the Mountain Lion OS (10.8.x), tethering with a Canon Camera on this Operating System is not possible.

In addition, when using Capture One Pro 6.4.3 or Capture One 6.4.4, the tethered connection established between Camera and Capture One only occurs when the software is first launched. If the Camera or computer should go into a Sleep Mode or be Physically Disconnected, it is necessary to relaunch the software to reestablish a connection to Capture One.

We are hopeful that with the support for Mountain Lion (10.8.x) in an upcoming SDK release from Canon, the above conflicts will be resolved.

Capture One 6.4.2


Cincinnati Grand Opening Time Lapse

Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software

Built on the world’s best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software because it is fast, intuitive, customizable to the most rigorous workflow, meets the most demanding project requirements and consistently delivers spectacular results.

  1. -World class Raw Conversion

  2. -Impressive High ISO Noise Reduction

  3. -Tailor-made Camera Profiles

  4. -Comprehensive Digital Asset Management

  5. -Instant Tethered Capture

  6. -Customizable User Interface.

For more info give us a call: 216.361.6805

New to Rental! The Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air

Phase One Certified Professional (POCP)

Dodd Camera is proud to announce their second POCP training session of the year. This one will be held in Chicago on April 18th and 19th.

The training program is designed to give working digital techs the training and skills they need to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One software on the most demanding of jobs.

This is not just another sales presentation that has been labeled a "training seminar". The POCP training program is an advanced seminar designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set.

The POCP training takes place over a two day period encompassing everything from efficient on-set workflow to troubleshooting to advanced software techniques. At the end of two days it culminates with a written test.

To register, please call Denny Semick at 216-361-6805 or email with questions.

We are very proud to introduce our new IQ2 digital back series.

We are introducing three new full-frame 645 format digital camera backs with high-speed wireless connectivity and 13 f-stops of dynamic range, plus new options to meet specific photographic needs.

Building on the IQ digital back platform, the first choice of many of the world’s leading photographers, the technical advances in the Phase One IQ280, IQ260 and IQ260 Achromatic go beyond delivering ultra-high megapixel resolution to introduce greater mobility and workflow flexibility for professional photographers.

IQ2 digital backs leverage cutting-edge technologies and deliver outstanding image quality. Whether you are into 80 megapixel captures, one hour long exposures or pure black and white imagery, there is an IQ2 for you.

New to Rental!

Canon EOS C100 EF Cinema Camcorder

Canon 24mm T/1.5 EF Cinema Lens

Canon 50mm T/1.3 EF Cinema Lens

Canon 85mm T/1.3 EF Cinema Lens