The Impossible Project


Dodd Camera is now stocking a wide selection of instant film from The Impossible Project. It’s time to dust off that old SX70 or Polaroid 600 camera which has been sitting in the closet and make some art. The Impossible journey began in 2008 at the closing event of the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede, The Netherlands. Florian 'Doc' … Continue

Phase One Updates Li-Ion Batteries for IQ backs to 3400mHz


Over the course of several years, Phase One has quietly been increasing the mHz in the batteries for their digital backs. With the increased power demands of the IQ2 series, this is a welcome surprise. Many times, connectivity issues are a result of an underpowered Firewire port. Hopefully, this reduces the number of instances where we will need … Continue

Canon 70D AF Test

Canon 70D AF Test

The new Canon 70D came in to our Rental Departments recently, and we could not help but to test out the new AF system! We put the camera through a quick but difficult scenario, and the camera performed surprisingly well! The tight shots may have a bit of rolling shutter issues, but this is inherent in DSLR's and could also be easily fixed in … Continue

Save the ports!


As we all know, damaged USB ports are a real inconvenience and can be an expensive repair. There have been may solutions offered over the years, and we'd like to introduce you to one that we think is a real winner. The TetherBLOCK  is available as a basic plate and also with a dove tail making it Arca-Swiss compatible. … Continue

Atomos introduces Shogun at NAB


The All in one 4K HMDI 1920x1200 monitor-recorder. Now you can record 4K video direct out over HDMI to the Shogun. The 7" IPS touchscreen display with not fail to impress. The new Atomos Shogun is the world’s first 12G SDI & 4K HDMI I/O monitor/recorder/deck and features a stunning 1920×1200 SuperAtom IPS 7″ touchscreen with 325 PPI, … Continue

Hi-Hat Slider Dolly by Romans Cine Gear

Hi-Hat Slider Dolly by Romans Cine Gear

John demonstrates the Romans Cine Gear slider … Continue

Broncolor MOVE Pack


Need more mobile power? The Broncolor Move pack gives you 1200 watt-seconds of beautiful, color consistent power in the most compact battery powered flash generator on the market. Paired it with the compact MobiLED flash heads, with powerful 200w equivalent LED modeling lights, and you’ll have the perfect portable flash system for on location … Continue

Profoto B1 – A Brave New TTL World


We are pretty excited about the new battery powered B1 monolight from Profoto. At 500 watt-seconds it gives you enough light to overpower the sun while maintaining the slim proportions of the traditional D1 monolight. The quick charge battery gives you 220 full power pops and more than 10,000 at low power. With 9-stops of output control and … Continue

PortaJib 3-leg Spider Dolly

PortaJib 3-leg Spider Dolly

For situations where the PortaJib 4-leg Spider Dolly isn't ideal, we re-configure it as a 3-leg model and put a Cartoni tripod on it. This minimizes the amount of cases needed, simplifies setup and makes it a one-person piece of gear. The PortaJib Spider Dolly is available for rental in both 3-leg and 4-leg configuration, as well as a selection of … Continue

Zeiss Otus Lens 55mm f1.4 Lens


After playing with this lens at Photokina in 2012, we were very excited to get hands on this baby once it released…and it has not disappointed. Granted, it is not cheap, but you would be hard pressed to find a lens with better corner to corner sharpness at f1.4 than this. We are currently stocking the Nikon and Canon mount. … Continue