Chicago Studio is now open

Dodd Camera Chicago Studio Rental

The build out of our Chicago store is complete! Not only did we increase the footprint of our retail offerings by over 2500 square feet, we’ve also added a rental stage with a 30x40 Cyc wall. The studio will double as a classroom and a space to hold special events. Recently, we hosted the very informative Clay Cook workshop sponsored by Phase … Continue

Broncolor assistant training in Chicago

Sign up and stop by our Chicago location on June 22 from 5pm to 8pm for some hands on training with Broncolor lighting! Dodd Camera Chicago 2844 Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 In this evening hands-on event, you’ll learn: How to setup the Scoro for fast shooting or color-critical work What WiFi control does and how it’ll make your … Continue

Tether Tools Case Air Wireless in stock!

Case Air Wireless Tethering System The Case Air connects and transfers images instantly from your camera to a phone, tablet or computer. Control advanced camera settings including focus points, exposure settings, bracketing, time-lapse, and more. View your images on a larger screen to check critical focus and composition, or use Live View or movie … Continue

Canon C200 announced

The EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera is a “ready-to-go” production camera that comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder and an array of accessories including a 4-inch touch screen LCD monitor, a versatile handle and ergonomic handgrip. The camera can record internal 4K RAW to a CFast™ 2.0 card in our new Cinema RAW Light format without … Continue

Sony A9 available in Rental and stock!

This mechanism-free camera can deliver a-class-above performance conventional mechanical SLRs have only sought. For example, this system realizes a totally blackout-free viewfinder while conventional systems can only try to reduce blackout time. A high-speed, vibration-free, silent Anti-Distortion shutter vastly extends the range of shooting … Continue

Profoto B1X and Accessories

Profoto has announced the successor to their popular B1 battery powered location flash. The new B1X has a brighter LED modeling light, higher capacity battery and an extended HSS power range. With the new HSS power range, you can sync the flash with your camera throughout the entire 9-stop range. This is a newly developed feature that can be … Continue

Clay Cook Workshop June 24-25 in Chicago

Dodd Camera and Phase One have teamed up in Chicago for a Clay Cook workshop. Join us on June 24 and 25 for a two-day intensive training to enhance your photography skills and get the all-in mentality. Clay will speak about how he has strategically moved up the ladder from amateur to being a full-time professional commercial and fashion … Continue

Phase One new 100mp Achromatic Back

Phase One 100mp Achromatic

The IQ3 100MP Achromatic is designed as a complete achromatic system, built from the ground up using a new dedicated CMOS sensor produced without the Bayer color filter, allowing light to reach the sensor unobstructed. Without the filter, each and every pixel of the sensor captures significantly more light, ensuring absolute detail and … Continue

Profoto TTL on Olympus

Profoto Air Remote TTL-N

Profoto has announced Air Remote compatibility for Olympus camera systems. Attach this small unit to your Olympus camera’s hot shoe to wirelessly integrate your Profoto AirTTL Flash with your camera. In TTL Mode, you just point and shoot, and the Air Remote TTL-O will communicate with the flash to automatically give you a perfect exposure. It … Continue

New Broncolor Scoro WiFi

Scoro WiFi

Broncolor has announced their new Scoro WiFi/RFS2, bringing a new level of intuitive control to the legendary Scoro product line. Integrated into the new Scoro WiFi/RFS2 products is broncolor’s WiFi technology. Using no additional equipment, you can now control your flash pack from any WiFi capable iOS, Android, Mac, or PC device. A phone, … Continue