The Arri Orbiter is a game changer!


The ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.

All systems in Orbiter are completely new and designed with versatility in mind. Orbiter’s new six-color light engine delivers a wide-color gamut and outstanding color rendition across all color temperatures along with industry-leading, smooth dimming from 100-0%. With its changeable optics, Orbiter can transform into many different types of lampheads including projection (profile), open face, soft light, and other future possibilities. Orbiter’s state-of-the-art technology and versatile design makes it an optimal lamphead for today and for the future with endless possibilities for updates, configurations, and enhancements.

Removable Control Panel

Easy to use, powerful control

Redesigned from the ground up, the Orbiter control panel is an evolutionary step in light fixture control. Including a 4” full-color display, quick navigation buttons, and integrated sensors, the Orbiter control panel allows for easy use with a graphic user interface. Simplified menu structure and reimagined user interfaces provide one-glance operational views and uncluttered screens. This intuitive design makes changing colors or finding a setting easier than ever before while still maintaining the powerful features Orbiter has to offer. In addition, the control panel is removable and can be used handheld with the aid of a 5 or 15 m (16.4 or 49.2 ft) control panel cable.

Full Suite of Sensors

Generating more information for more control

A digital light of the future requires data. Orbiter is aware of the world around it with a variety of sensors that allow for advanced operations, smart automations, and a stream of metadata. Included in Orbiter is a color sensor for measuring the ambient light, a 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer for sensing the pan, tilt, roll, and heading of the fixture as well as heat sensors for keeping the LEDs and electronics at exactly the right temperature, and an ambient light sensor
for automatically dimming the control panel display. All these sensors make for a better user experience and increased control over the fixture. Available data improve workflow also in post production and service.

Broadcast & Media

Broadcasters now have a new tool to illuminate their studios and on-location setups. Orbiter’s projection optic will enable broadcasters to have controlled, high-quality light in the studio. In combination with the SkyPanel, Orbiter is the perfect companion to studio lighting. The open face optic or light-bank option provides either tremendous directional output
or a soft wrapping field of light. With its battery power, Orbiter can easily be used on the move.

Still Photography

The need for continuous lighting in still photography has never been greater and Orbiter fills a critical function in this workflow transition. Using the powerful features of the SkyPanel in Orbiter’s directional source, hard shadows are now attainable with countless color possibilities. Whether bouncing off a surface
or pointed directly at the subject, Orbiter will give the output needed with beautiful color rendition. Octagonally shaped light banks convert the point light source into a great soft light perfect for beauty shots, changing the light characteristics in just seconds.