Canon C400 Cinema Camera


Canon EOS C400 Cinema Camera Announced

Canon has just unveiled their latest RF-mount cinema camera: the EOS C400. This new camera features a 6K Full Frame image sensor, capable of recording in Cinema RAW Light at up to 6K/60P onto CFexpress memory cards. It also boasts a new 3.5″ full touchscreen LCD monitor, HDMI and SDI output ports, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the EOS C400 a standout.

Canon EOS C400 – Camera Body

The EOS C400 can be seen as an RF-mount counterpart to the EOS C500 Mark II, featuring a more compact box-style design. It measures 5.6 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches (14.2 x 13.4 x 13.4 cm) and weighs 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg), making it significantly smaller and lighter than the EOS C500 Mark II. The compact design allows it to be easily mounted on small gimbals like the DJI RS 3/RS 4/RS 4 Pro.

Key Features and Design

The front of the camera houses the RF mount with four mounting screws for secure lens mount adapters. It also features a built-in mono microphone, two function buttons, and a lens power terminal. The top of the camera includes six 1/4″-20 mounting points and a Multi-function shoe, which supplies power to external accessories such as the TASCAM CA-XLR-2d-C audio adapter and the Canon DM-E1D microphone.

Connectivity and Controls

On the left side, you’ll find illuminated control buttons, audio level dials, CFexpress Type-B and SD card slots, and a traditional power switch. The back of the camera hosts numerous input/output ports, including:

- 12G-SDI and 3G-SDI video output ports
- USB-C terminal
- 3.5mm microphone input and headphone output
- Two Mini-XLR audio input ports
- Full-size HDMI output
- Timecode terminal and G-Lock/Sync/RET terminal
- 4-pin XLR 12V DC power input
- Remote A terminal

The right side features two audio input switches, a full-size Ethernet port, and two USB-C grip and video terminals.

LCD Monitor and User Interface

The EOS C400 comes with a 3.5″ full touchscreen LCD monitor, complete with a joystick and four function buttons. The new LCD attachment unit connects via a 15mm rod to the camera’s top handle, offering versatility and ease of use. The monitor’s Quick Access sub-menu provides rapid access to fundamental settings and monitoring tools, enhancing the shooting experience.

New Image Sensor

The EOS C400 features a new 6K Full Frame back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor, touted by Canon as offering “the most dynamic range of any Cinema EOS Full Frame sensor.” It uses a DIGIC DV7 image processor and introduces a triple-base ISO system for optimal performance in various lighting conditions.

Recording Formats and Video Codecs

The EOS C400 supports a range of recording formats, including Cinema RAW Light for the highest quality footage and XF-AVC for quicker turnaround projects. It also offers new codecs such as XF-HEVC S and XF-AVC S for smaller file sizes and proxies.

Autofocus and Audio Features

The camera employs a new Dual Pixel CMOS AF II system, covering 100% of the frame, and includes advanced detection for people and animals. The EOS C400 can record four 24-bit linear PCM audio tracks and supports additional full-size XLR ports via the TASCAM CA-XLR-2d-C audio adapter.

ND Filters, IS, and Anamorphic Support

The EOS C400 includes built-in ND filters with up to 10 stops in extension mode, digital image stabilization, and support for anamorphic lenses with de-squeeze options.

Connectivity and Virtual Production

The camera offers extensive wired and wireless connectivity options, including control via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and dedicated apps. It also supports virtual production workflows with Unreal Engine and Adobe After Effects.

Price and Availability

The Canon EOS C400 will be available in September 2024 for $7,999. It comes with a top handle, LCD monitor and attachment unit, microphone holder, camera grip, one BP-A60N battery, a battery charger, and more. For additional details, visit Canon’s website.

The Canon EOS C400 is a testament to Canon’s commitment to innovation and quality in cinematic production, offering filmmakers a powerful tool to bring their visions to life.