Canon’s new firmware adds stop motion support

Canon released a firmware update for the EOS R to supports stop motion animation. Please understand the changes and limitations this firmware creates in terms of focus peaking, HDMI output and Live View resolution!

Supercharge Your Stop Motion Animation

Whether pre-installed on a new EOS R or manually installed on an existing EOS R the new Stop Motion Animation upgrade for EOS R cameras increases your Live View resolution to 1920x1280 from Canon's normal of 960x640 when connected to Dragonframe stop motion animation software. This makes it easier for animators to confirm focus and movement within every frame.

Larger Live View

Live view is critical to animators creating stop motion animation films. Animators use the remote live view of the camera to review critical details and make decisions within the Dragonframe software. Canon's Stop Motion Animation firmware increases the Live View to 1920x1280 - helping animators see subtle movement for refined animation.

Larger Live View

This is a comparison of the new Live View resolution of 1920x1280 (full screen) versus the original size of 960x640 (small inset). The large preview image makes it easier for the animators to have confidence in the shot and can improve the overall quality of the scene.

USB Manual Focus Peaking

Canon has added Manual Focus Peaking over USB to interface with Dragonframe software.

USB Manual Focus Peaking

Seeing Focus Peaking on the full screen allows the animator to precisely capture fine detail and adjust for desired depth of field.

Critical Focus

Critical focus on a subject's eyes (red edge) gives the animator the confidence that the scene flows as directed.

Standard Firmware vs Stop Motion Animation Firmware Comparison Chart

Important information about EOS R Stop Motion Animation Firmware:

  • HDMI output is not available on the EOS R with this firmware installed
  • [Disp. performance] cannot be set
  • MF peaking will not show up even if [MF peaking settings] is set to [On] under the following conditions:
    • When an EF-S lens is used
    • When [Multiple exposure] is set
    • When [Cropping/aspect ratio] is set to an option other than [FULL]
    • When the shooting screen is magnified
    • When you keep holding down the shutter button after shooting