Capture One Creative Control


Phase One has released an update for their IQ4 camera systems. Creative Control introduces the Automated Frame Averaging feature to simulate long exposures, Custom IQ Styles to load your own custom Capture One styles into the IQ4 and a number of Storage enhancements to improve and speed up the workflow.

Automated Frame Averaging

The Automated Frame Averaging feature will merge multiple captures into a single IIQ RAW file, averaging the exposure value automatically. The benefits are two-fold; you can achieve a long exposure look without having to use a Neutral Density filter, which may introduce color cast or other image quality issues. The nature of the feature also means that any random captured noise will be neutralized, resulting in superior image quality. Automated Frame Averaging is enabled from Camera Controls by sliding your finger in from the right and tapping on the icon.

Custom IQ Styles

Capture One Inside now enables photographers to load their own custom styles into the IQ4, so that the captured images can reflect your own unique vision and style. The Custom IQ Style can easily be created in Capture One Pro and saved to the memory card, imported into the IQ4 and used as a unique look on the next captures. In addition, Capture One Inside now supports the Clarity and HDR image adjustments.

Workflow and Storage Flexibility

The Direct Image Transfer feature will automatically copy the RAW files on the XQD and SD cards from the IQ4 to the connected computer via Capture One. This is can be very convenient as you don’t need a card reader to transfer the files.

Storage on the SD card can now be combined with the XQD card in four different ways to ensure that you can always choose the optimal workflow. There are two new SD card features. Primary Storage ensures that you can capture the RAW files directly to the SD card without the use of a XQD card, while the SD Overflow feature combines the XQD and the SD memory cards as one, single storage unit for RAW files, where the images will automatically and seamlessly be saved on the SD card once the XQD card is full.

The new features are accessed from the Storage Setup menu.

Exposure Zone tool on the IQ4

The Exposure Zone tool is added on the IQ4 and displays a visualization of the exposure range of the captured image based on the raw luminosity data. It is useful in determining the absolute point at which highlights will clip. The Exposure Zone tool is found in both the Viewer and the Tools Viewer by changing the masks Mode setting.