Dodd Camera Expands Cincinnati Store

Cincinnati_2The Dodd Camera store, just north of Cincinnati off I71, is adding approximately 1,000 square feet to its existing 5,200 square foot store. After the success of the stores opening in 2012, customer demand has necessitated the need for expansion.

Ryan Hoschouer, Store Manager, explains, “We simply need more space to accommodate our customers’ needs. Not only do we want to carry more of the new high-end products they’re interested in; we need to increase the space we dedicate to education. Our seminars and classes are incredibly popular and as word spreads, the more people want to attend.”

Hoschouer also commented, “Our new education space is designed to be classroom and studio. It’s going to be a great place to demo product – not just cameras, but lighting, too – to customers in a true studio setting. Really just another way we work to give customers a remarkable experience.”

The studio has been a big attraction for the professional photographers Dodd caters to through their Dodd Pro offerings. Hal Barkan heads up the Pro department in the Cincinnati store.

“When you’re talking about cutting-edge equipment like the new Hasselblad medium format systems, pros want to get their hands on the product and shoot before they buy. We are pretty unique in that we give them that opportunity, either through a rental or through our new in-house studio,” Barkan says. “We also get a considerable amount of rental business from traveling photographers since it often makes a lot more sense to rent than to pay to transport sensitive equipment across the country.”

Barkan spent 32 years shooting commercial photography in and around Cincinnati. “I think the pros really appreciate that I’ve been in the commercial world and understand their particular needs.”

The in-house studio, which includes a 20×20 Infiniti wall, will be available for rental, as well.

Hoschouer said, “Our goal is to be a cut above our competition. We offer it all – a wide range of products both for retail and rental, knowledgeable sales people, customer education, and even a high- end digital photo lab that provides prints, greeting cards, and gifts.”

The store is located at 6475 East Galbraith in Cincinnati and can be reached at 513-791-3333.

Dodd Camera Cincinnati Expansion Press Release