Hasselblad X1D field kit

X1D field kit

Introducing the Hasselblad X1D Field Kit

The new Hasselblad X1D Field Kit offers superb value with an all-encompassing package tailored for X1D enthusiasts who are seeking both robust protection and easily transportable equipment.

Within the comprehensive package, photographers will find all the equipment they need for a variety of photography situations.

The Hasselblad X1D Field Kit includes:
• Hasselblad X1D-50c (Silver body)
• XCD ƒ3.5/30mm
• XCD ƒ3.5/45mm
• XCD ƒ3.2/90mm

Cleaning equipment:
• Cleaning cloth
• Dust blower
• Lens pen

Other useful items:
• Rugged Pelican carrying case
• 2 camera batteries
• Shoulder and wrist strap
• USB cable

The X1D Field Kit retails for $17,495 and will be available starting Sept. 20th.