Alpa releases FPS kit for Hasselblad H

With the camera kit ALPA 12 FPS and Hasselblad H, ALPA is launching a compact solution, which includes everything it needs for synergy. The set is still available at a special price until September 23rd.

The development of the camera kit was made possible by the technical partnership between Hasselblad and ALPA. The use of the Hasselblad H series offers a welcome rounding off of the ALPA / Rodenstock – Lens Program, especially with the long focal lengths. In addition, the remote control capability of these fully electrically controlled lenses guarantees excellent conditions for use (on high stands or “beams”) through the built-in web server of the ALPA 12 FPS.

The ALPA 12 FPS impresses with its versatility. The camera allows the control of the built-in electronic shutter to 1/800 sec (new “orange” lenses up to 1/1000 sec). And the control of the slit shutter up to 1/4000 sec. In addition, the Focus motor can be used for motorized arming.

ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad H Kit

  • Camera module ALPA 12 FPS with two batteries, charger and protective covers
  • Handle black for ALPA 12 FPS
  • Cable for triggering a digital back
  • Adapter for mounting the H series
  • Adapter for mounting a digital rear of your choice
  • ALPA dovetail adapter for tripod, square and UniQ / C standard

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