Hasselblad announces 907X and CFV 100C digital back

Hasselblad's Latest Marvel: The 907X CFV II 100C Medium Format System

Renowned for innovation in medium format photography, Hasselblad has once again captivated the industry with its newest creation – the Hasselblad 907X CFV II 100C Medium Format System. This release showcases Hasselblad's commitment to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology, merging cutting-edge features with timeless design.

Setting New Standards in Medium Format Imaging

At the core of this system is the powerful 907X camera body paired with the CFV II 100C digital back. Together, they form an exceptional medium format solution, raising the bar for image quality and versatility. With a 100-megapixel CMOS sensor, the CFV II 100C digital back emphasizes Hasselblad's dedication to providing photographers with tools to capture intricate details and vast landscapes.

Harmony of Modern Innovation and Tradition

The 907X CFV II 100C seamlessly integrates modern technology with timeless design elements from Hasselblad cameras. The inclusion of the iconic V System pays homage to the brand's rich heritage, blending innovation with tradition. This design caters to photography purists appreciating classic aesthetics while showcasing Hasselblad's ability to marry the past and present.

Versatility Empowering Creative Visionaries

Photographers can explore their creativity with the 907X CFV II 100C, as the digital back integrates effortlessly with various Hasselblad lenses. It can be used as a standalone digital back on preferred V System cameras or in conjunction with the 907X body. This adaptability empowers photographers to explore diverse shooting styles, adding a new level of flexibility to medium format photography.

Cutting-Edge Imaging Capabilities

With a 100-megapixel sensor, the CFV II 100C ensures unparalleled image quality, detailing, dynamic range, and color accuracy. Whether capturing portraits, landscapes, or high-resolution commercial work, this medium format system is ready to meet the demands of discerning photographers. The advancements in sensor technology underscore Hasselblad's commitment to delivering extraordinary images.

Elegance in Design and Precision

Beyond technical prowess, the 907X CFV II 100C exudes elegance and precision in craftsmanship. Sleek, minimalist aesthetics complement robust construction, reflecting Hasselblad's dedication to creating tools that perform at the highest level while exuding timeless charm. Holding the 907X CFV II 100C is an immersion in craftsmanship and artistry, not just a photography experience.

Redefining Medium Format Excellence

In unveiling the Hasselblad 907X CFV II 100C Medium Format System, Hasselblad continues to redefine excellence in medium format photography. This system marries the latest technological advancements with a nod to the brand's storied past, empowering photographers to capture images that transcend expectations. For those seeking imaging capabilities and timeless design, the Hasselblad 907X CFV II 100C stands as a beacon of innovation in medium format photography.

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