Phase One introduces new XT Lenses


Phase One today announced a highly specialized new lens design for the XT IQ4 Camera, dedicated to landscape photography: the XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm Tilt. Designed to meet the specific demands of increased depth of field and absolute sharpness for landscape applications. This lens introduces a simple and distinctive tilt design to adjust the focal plane, controlling depth of field and improving sharpness throughout the image.

Like its predecessors, the XT-Rodenstock 40mm Tilt lens offers outstanding sharpness and unbeatable image quality expected from both Phase One and Rodenstock.

Phase One also announced today that the Phase One X-Shutter is now available for the Rodenstock HR Digaron 138mm f/6.5 lens. Previously, this unique and specialized lens from Rodenstock was not available with a physical shutter. The integration of the Phase One X-shutter means that Phase One IQ4 owners can control the shutter speed and aperture for this lens directly from their IQ4 digital back.

HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm Tilt

An essential wide angle for maximized depth of field
An essential wide angle lens for dedicated landscape photographers. The innovative
Tilt design is optimized for Landscape scenes allowing for fine focal plane control,
maximizing depth of field. When coupled with the 12mm shift of the XT Camera, the 3°
Tilt abilities of the lens puts image quality and composition control at your fingertips.

HR Digaron-SW float 138mm f/6.5

The Rodenstock HR Digaron-SW float 138 mm f/6.5 is an exceptional sharp long focal length lens for adjustable techni- cal cameras intended for a wide distance range from infinity up to an image scale 1:5.

Float Element

The optical design with eleven lens elements in ten groups
is very complex for a prime lens. It has the highest possible resolving power extremely close to the diffraction limit. This is not only achieved across the entire field of the largest digital sensors – but also to the edge of the large 110mm image circle to allow for lens shifts and tilts. The rotation of the focusing ring automatically con- trols the floating elements group and all aberrations are there- fore minimized throughout the whole focusing range. Even with extreme camera movements (shift and tilt) this lens pro- vides an unprecedented sharpness to the corners

Image Circle

The image circle of the HR Digaron-SW float 138 mm f/6.5 has a constant diameter of 110 mm throughout its entire im- age scale range. For professional technical cameras, even with the largest sensor formats, this gives ample clearance for par- allel shifts for perspective corrections (avoiding or reducing converging vertical lines).

Lens Mount

The connection of the lens to different camera systems is made by specific camera adapters provided by the respective camera manufacturers. The lens has a helical focusing mount with a range from infinity up to almost 1 m. This helical mount also controls the axial shift of the floating elements group for a constant optimum correction of all lens aberrations within this range.


The broad focusing ring of the helical mount allows sensitive and precise focusing and automatically controls the
adjust- ment of the floating elements group mentioned above.

X-Shutter Integration

A variant of the Phase One X-Shutter is built specifically for the HR Digaron-SW float 138mm f/6.5. The shutter is controlled by an IQ4 Digital Back via multip-port cable solution, connecting the lens and IQ4.

This provides full control of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and shutter actuation via IQ4 and IQ4 connected applications (iOS Cascable or Capture One for desktop).