Phase One XF Camera Feature Update

Switch_FeaturesAutomated Focus Stacking
The XF Camera System can now systematically capture a sequence of images while precisely adjusting focus for each frame. You set the parameters and the XF Camera System does the rest. Perfect in the studio or in the field, the Focus Stack Tool results in image sequences perfect for integration into post processing solutions like Helicon Focus… now FREE for 1 year to any XF Camera System owner.

The XF Camera System now provides a Time-lapse sequence tool, also known as an Intervalometer, to capture automated image sequences. Use it for compiling images after the shoot or to ensure the nuance of fading light is never missed. The precision control of the Time-lapse tool allows you to set the time between each capture, the total number of captures, as well as the delay at start. The tool respects all existing camera modes and options, ensuring meticulous accuracy and dependable captures.

HDR Bracketing
The HDR tool of the XF Camera System is similar to the bracketing feature but integrates proprietary tags so images can easily be identified, selected and edited in Capture One. The HDR Tool provides added workflow options to minimize post-processing complications and allow for easier integration with third-party applications.

POblue_Family_edit_low_NO_blue_bandNew OneTouch UI
The XF Camera System introduced a cohesive and intuitive user interface, the OneTouch UI. Now with further integration and a new look with Feature Update #2. New intuitive tool access and a cleaner look.

Improving the Honeybee Autofocus Platform
With the introduction of the XF Camera System came the introduction of the Honeybee Autofocus platform. The HAP-1 system ensures that Phase can grow, customize and accelerate autofocus to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding photographers. Improvements have been made to increase accuracy in low light conditions, ensure focus of various low contrast materials in even light, and improved precision when using the XF Camera System handheld with behavior changes initiated from the systems several accelerometers.

Self Timer Delay
Introduced capture delay, providing a quick and easy, fully customizable timer option to the XF Camera System. Set any delay from half a second to a full minute and the XF Camera System will take it from there.