The Impossible Project

impossibleDodd Camera is now stocking a wide selection of instant film from The Impossible Project. It’s time to dust off that old SX70 or Polaroid 600 camera which has been sitting in the closet and make some art.

The Impossible journey began in 2008 at the closing event of the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede, The Netherlands. Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps, an instant photography enthusiast from Vienna and the son to be former Polaroid production manager André Bosman decided they needed to take action to save analog instant photography from pending extinction.

A small team of engineers, chemists and instant film experts was established to start working on the dream of revolutionizing instant photography and bringing it into the 21st century. With most of the original components of classic Polaroid film no longer being available, Impossible had to invent new ways to produce instant film.

In 2010, after two years of research, experimentation and development, Impossible introduced the world to the very first instant analog film for classic Polaroid cameras. Instant photography lovers immediately embraced these new materials as a platform for their creative work. Since then Impossible film has stood for creative freedom allowing artists, photographers, and enthusiasts to push artistic boundaries by raising instant analog photography to a new level.