Light & Motion LED’s for the active shooter

stellaLight & Motion has been building high performance, self-contained lighting solutions for rugged environments since 1989. As workflows have changed, smaller teams have been pushed to accomplish more. Stella is a lighting platform that can go anywhere.

Stella is the first high-output lighting platform that is untethered – it runs at full power for up to 90 minutes with no cords. It is fully waterproof. In fact it is designed to work as deep as 100 meters. The controls are magnetic, which means they don’t penetrate the housing, so they won’t cause leaks. Every unit is factory sealed and tested before shipping. Part of the testing requirement is that Stella must operate to specification after 6 consecutive drops from1 meter on concrete (drop once on each side and two ends).

Stella lights use the same high energy density cells used by Tesla cars. Combined with the most efficient LEDs on the market, the overall Stella package is remarkably small and powerful. The Stella Pro 5000 delivers 5000 lumens for 90 minutes with a TLCI (Television Lighting Color Index) of 93 in a wide 120-degree native beam.

The relatively new COB, or “chip on board” array is tuned to deliver a remarkably smooth even beam at 5000K, slightly warmer than 5600K. The complete light weighs a mere 1148 grams (2 ½ lbs).

Stella is pushing the industry to adopt Lumens instead of watts for measuring light power. Watts have little to do with light. Lumens, on the other hand, is a measure of the amount of visible light delivered by a product. Better LEDs and better electronic design means more lumens from fewer watts. Stella is designed to deliver more lumens per gram than any light on the market. Why? Less weight, easier to travel, easier to set-up and use.

Built in California, designed to outperform.