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backs_xf_iq3_integrationIQ3 Series

The sensors in the IQ3 100MP, IQ3 60MP and IQ2 60MP Achromatic are exclusively found in Phase One products. Not only are they exclusive, they’re the biggest around! Their size allows you to realize the full potential of your lenses. Whether it’s a tight interior space or scenic vista, the full frame sensors mean you’ll get more out of every scene.

60 minute exposures

With our new and exclusive 80 megapixel imaging sensor, the IQ3 Digital Backs can deliver extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes across 50MP, 60MP and 80MP configurations.

Temperature tool

To ensure the best quality of long-exposure imaging it is important to operate the digital capture device at a relatively constant temperature. When turning on an IQ Digital Back the power consumption will lead to a temperature increase that stabilizes in time.


With Sensor+ technology in the IQ3 Digital Backs you can easily switch from high-resolution and low ISO captures to lower resolution and higher ISO captures, without degrading the pixel level quality of the image.

XF IQ3 integration

With full system integration, the XF Camera System offers power sharing between each of it’s independently powered components. The ability to provide consistent power for the system, as a whole, allows for maximum usage without the necessity to change batteries. Further, tethered workflow allows the system to charge when not in use. The new power-sharing feature ensures consistent performance across all components.

These full frame sensors dwarf a full frame DSLR sensor by more than 2.5 times. For great image quality and high-resolution images, the IQ3 sensors are the market leaders.

Although not of 645 full-frame proportions, the CMOS sensor in the IQ350 is a formidable device, weighing in with 68% more capture area real estate than the sensor in any full-frame 35mm DSLR. It offers high performance and ensures outstanding image quality.

All Phase One digital backs ensure far greater control over depth of field in images compared with any DSLR or smaller format cameras.

IQ3 100

IQ280The IQ3 100 gives you the pinnacle of image quality, made possible through it’s 100 megapixel CMOS sensor. With it you can capture incredible details and reproduce your images in virtually any format and size with a minimum of post processing.

Now, with the IQ3 100MP on either the XF Camera System or an alternative technical camera, you can capture images without a single moving component. With the new rolling shutter technology of the IQ3 100MP, you have complete control directly from the digital back

  • 100mp sensor
  • Full Frame CMOS
  • Electronic Shutter
  • Built in wireless
  • 15 f-stop dynamic range
  • 1.15 mp hi-resolution display
  • Touch screen interface
IQ3 80
IQ3 50

IQ1 Series

IQ1 100
  • 100mp sensor
  • Full frame CMOS
  • 16 f-stop dynamic range
  • Touch screen interface
IQ1 80
IQ1 50

XF Camera

XF Camera


HAP-1 is designed with a brand new custom processor, coupled with a high-resolution CMOS AF sensor. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system to meet your needs, providing user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Hyperfocal Point Focusing

When photographers require the maximum allowable depth of field, the optimal technique used is to apply a hyperfocal distance measurement. Depending on aperture and lens used, the optimal Focus Point is typically a few steps under infinity. With the new Hyperfocal Point Focusing, it is now possible to set the ideal Hyperfocal Point for each lens and have HAP-1 automatically return to that specific point on demand.

Waist Level Finder

The waist-level finder is convenient for many styles of photography, be it in studio or on location. With the ability to retain the connection between photographer and model or simply to attain a more effective working position, the waist-level finder is a great addition to the creative toolbox.

Light Metering Waist Level

Light metering is typically done through a cameras Prism viewfinder, a challenge that until now hasn’t been solved in a waist-level finder. The XF Camera System can measure the light on the newly designed HAP-1 autofocus platform. Using this ability, light metering is now available with our waist-level finder. Issue solved.

Updated Prism Viewfinder

With a solid glass prism, the 90° viewfinder is the brightest of its kind and has virtually no loss of light. Together with nearly 100% frame coverage, the prism viewfinder displays a perfect view of the scene and comes standard on all XF Camera Systems.

Integrated Configuration

The new OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System can be configured directly from within Capture One PRO. This makes it easy to change, customize and configure controls for any type of photography, directly from your computer.

Focal Plane
Leaf Shutter