Phase One XF Camera Launch Event Registration

Phase One XF Camera SystemJoin us to see the New XF Camera System. The XF Camera System is designed around a new modular camera body, taking medium format camera systems into the next decade. The new XF Camera System is a fundamental re-design of all core elements in a modern camera system. This includes lenses, imaging sensors, mechanics, electronics, autofocus system, software and controls. You must check it out!

Launch Event Featuring:
• Direct from Denmark – Phase One Manufacturing Engineer, Peter Tirsgaard will be present to discuss and answer questions about the XF Camera System and the XF IQ3 Digital Backs.
• The Dodd Pro Team will be there to give you expert advise, train and shoot with you!
• Also in attendance will be Phase One’s representative for the Eastern US, Francis Clark Westfield.

XF Camera System Highlights:
• The New Honeybee Autofocus Platform(HAP-­1)
• New Flexible OneTouch User Interface (UI)
• New range of IQ3 Digital Backs
• Light Metering in Waist Level
• XF Camera System and Capture One Pro 8.3


Cleveland, OH
June 16, 2015: 1PM – 6PM
2077 East 30th St.
Cleveland, OH 44115

Cincinnati, OH
June 18, 2015: 1PM – 6PM
6475 East Galbraith
Cincinnati, OH 45236