Alpa STC

Alpa_stcThe ALPA 12 STC (Shift Travel Compact) sets the standard for very compact and light cameras with an integrated shift (perspective correction). The STC thus also offers a stitching function and a corresponding multiplication of the number of pixels for one shot. A lateral lens shift is turned into a rise or fall option by a simple rotation of the camera by 90°. All ALPA cameras provide such surprising rotational and reversal positions which turn front to back, top to bottom, or horizontal to vertical. Typically for ALPA, we do not even have to list all the variants – most of our customers like to work out their own special combinations for their particular practical purpose. They, and we, have no time for ‘one size fits all’.

There could hardly be a bigger difference from mass-produced solutions. From a design aspect, the STC, like all ALPA cameras with an integrated shift, offers one feature that no other camera manufacturer does: all shift movements take place over the full length of movement on roller bearings.

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