Support & Dollies


Standard Portajib

Standard Porta-JibDesigned to carry up to 100 lbs. (45kg) of camera and fluid head weight, this is the most versatile of all lightweight jibs. Assembles in less than 5 minutes. No tools required. All parts are machined aluminum and stainless steel. Boom and pan lock included.

Price includes Vector Balancing Bar, 7 lbs. (3.2kg) fine tuning weight and choice of 150mm, Mitchell or Lightweight Tripod base. We do not offer a 100mm Base option because the Standard Jib is too heavy for 100mm top tripods.

Losmandy Spider Dolly
Cartoni Smart Head


glidecam_HD-2000_CanonGlidecam Industries Inc. offers a wide variety of camera stabilizers (camera stabilization systems) for use with motion picture cameras, video cameras, and video camcorders. These hand-held and body-mounted camera stabilizers create super smooth shots, and allow the operator to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles, and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. Glidecam camera stabilization products make ideal camera accessories and can easily replace or be used in conjunction with dollies and tracks, booms, camera cranes, and tripods, or monopods. Both professional filmmakers and amateur movie makers alike can enjoy the fluidity and grace that Glidecam camera stabilizers provide.

Roman Cine Gear

Hi-Hat Slider Dolly

rcg_hihatRCG Hi-Hat Slider Dolly gives you 3 products in 1! It's a Slider, It's a Dolly, It's a High Hat. This gives you more bang for your buck and gives you more functionality out of one piece of equipment. The Hi-Hat Assembly can be bolted on the the Slider Mitchell Plate and used as a standalone Hi-Hat or attach the wheel assemblies and it can be used as a portable dolly. It is designed to give you the most and flexibility out of a portable camera movement system. It is designed to work on a variety of track options from standard dolly track, speed rail, pvc pipe or even handrails. The (4) Adjustable Wheel Assemblies can be configured to run on various track widths from a 6” – 18” centers. The Assemblies can be moved to any of the counter sunk holes on the 12” x 12” Mitchell Cheese plate, giving you an infinite number of wheelbase variations. RCG Slider Dolly comes with a locking Hard Case.

  • RCG Slider Mitchell Plate with 3/8” Hole Pattern
  • 4 – Adjustable Wheel Assemblies
  • Bolt-On Hi-Hat Kit
  • Holds over 350 pounds
  • Smooth and Silent Operation
  • Hard Case
Universal Rail Bracket


  • cinepedSide to side move (tracking move)
  • Forward to backward move (dolly move)
  • Transitional movement
  • Zolly move (push in + zoom out)
  • Twirling move
  • Just push, pull, slide, turn and swing the camera or combine for new perspective
  • Combination of slider rotation and fluid head rotation mechanism creates new axis of motion
  • Can handle a wide array of cameras including Arri Alexa, Sony F-55/5, Red One/Epic C300 and any type of 150/100mm fluid head.

Matthews HD/DC Slider

matthews_DC_slider_01By combining an unusually long variable-angled camera slider track with mini-jib functionality, the DC-Slider is truly remarkable displaying both state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering.

Additionally, the DC-Slider quickly transforms into a vertical 6-foot tower. In this configuration the DC-Slider's counterbalancing feature ensures precision camera moves are smooth and steady.

DC-Slider allows a wide range of variable angle operations. No matter how acute the angle, the counterbalance system will assure steady and stable camera movements. A simple, positive-locking adjustment feature allows for camera placement at the exact vertical or off-axis position for creative imaging. Minimum and maximum heights of the DC-Slider in the multi-angled positions are dependent on the height of the tripod.


cartoniCARTONI has set industry standards with its innovative solutions & patented technologies. CARTONI manufactures with high skills, design and pride the widest product range of Professional Camera Supports from the new world of DSLR to Film, Video, Broadcast, Virtual sets & SFX, serving professionals worldwide in any shooting situation. CARTONI is synonymous of excellence in camera support.


zacutoZacuto makes rigs for video cameras, DSLR’s, Cinema Cameras and everything in between! Their rigs are adjustable, expandable, warrantied for life, made in the USA of the highest quality materials, and fun to use! Any kit can be quickly broken down for storage and there are easy upgrade paths from the smaller kits to larger ones kit?

With the convergence of DSLR filmmaking, there are many essential tools that are needed to get the correct form factor for video. When shooting video on a DSLR camera, you must use the LCD screen and you must use manual focus. The combination of a very small screen, manual focus, and razor thin shallow depth-of-field makes it very challenging to focus. When shooting in both outdoor and indoor settings, the sunlight and glares make it nearly impossible to see the LCD screen. Lastly, holding the camera out in front of you so that you can focus on the screen makes the camera unstable and shaky. With any camera, you want to bring it close to the body for stability.

The first essential item to help with these challenges is a DSLR Optical Viewfinder. Zacuto has multiple models for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at each model so you can decide which Z-Finder right for you.