Broncolor assistant training in Chicago

Sign up and stop by our Chicago location on June 22 from 5pm to 8pm for some hands on training with Broncolor lighting!

Dodd Camera Chicago
2844 Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

In this evening hands-on event, you’ll learn:

  • How to setup the Scoro for fast shooting or color-critical work
  • What WiFi control does and how it’ll make your life easier
  • Setting up a Para for flash or HMI and how to get the most of its capabilities

You will walk away with the confidence and expertise to be a broncolor pro for photographers and studios in your area! Make sure to bring pen, paper, and business cards to network with your fellow assistants too.

Overall Discussion (30 minutes)

  • Radio and WiFi technology, RFS, RFS2.x Setup
  • Flash Duration core concepts
  • Color Control core concepts

Scoro (30 minutes)

  • Initial setup (packs and heads, checking for wear)
  • Modeling lamp and radio settings
  • Color vs. Flash Duration configuration
  • Working with bitubes
  • Menu walkthrough
  • Troubleshooting

15 minute break

Siros (30 minutes)

  • In comparison to Scoro
  • Initial Setup
  • Modeling Lamp and Radio settings
  • Siros S vs Siros L
  • HS Overview
  • Troubleshooting

10 minute break

Paras (30 minutes)

  • Size and use-cases of Para 88/133 vs. 177/222
  • Setup, use, breakdown, and troubleshooting of Para 88/133
  • Setup, use, breakdown, and troubleshooting of Para 177/222
  • Setup of focusing rod F, and FT HMI system