Broncolor enters the LED market with the F160

A continuous bi-color LED to meet the high level of performance you expect from broncolor. With an integrated broncolor Bayonet mount and precision-engineered diffusion element, the light output characteristics of LED F160 match that of our other strobe lamps. This includes spot-flood adjustment thanks to the built-in control mechanism.

With an outstanding CRI ratings averaging above 97, and as high as 98.6 at 5500 degrees Kelvin (daylight), the new lamp holds true to broncolor’s reputation for excellence in color accuracy. It features a tunable color temperature range from 2800 to 6800 degrees Kelvin and integrated green-magenta shift with an output equivalent of 650W halogen or 100W HMI.
Main Features

  • Precision-engineered diffusion element with a quality of light matching other broncolor lamps
  • Built-in spot-flood mechanism, compatible with broncolor over 50 possible combinations of bayonet-mount light shapers
  • 650W halogen, 100W HMI equivalent output
  • 98.6 CRI at 5500K (daylight), 97+ across range from 2800 to 6500K, dimmable to 10% in precise 1/10 stop increments

Weight: 4.67 lbs
Dimensions: 5×6.5×12 inches
Compatibility: broncolor bayonet mount light shapers, standard umbrellas
Power Input: 110-220V AC, 36-48V DC
Includes lamp, diffusion element, umbrella reflector, attached 5 ft. cable

Delivery: Dec. 2018