Broncolor RFS 2 comes to Fuji

HS Flash now for Fuji!

The RFS 2.2 F for Fujifilm expanded broncolor’s line of HS-capable wireless transceivers. Compatible with all RFS 2 enabled products, the RFS 2.2 F offers flash sync, remote power control, and modeling lamp control up to 100m / 300 feet away.

With Move 1200L and select Siros lamps, users can now sync up to 1/8000s shutter speed, allowing for even more control when photographing in ambient light or mixed light situations.

broncolor HS technology utilizes a single flash pulse, meaning that the HS flash has no major impact on the light output or battery performance.

RFS 2.2 F sports a low-profile design, with easy to read back-lit monochrome LCD, and clear intuitive layout of the controls. Users can select up to 99 different studio channels, with up to 40 lamp groups inside each studio channel for precision lighting control.

RFS 2.2 F is backed by our standard two-year warranty against defects.

HS Compatible Cameras*:
X-Pro 2
*May require HSMA (HS Manual adjust) settings vary from camera to camera
**Front curtain sync only