Enter the Matrix II….from Fiilex

The Fiilex Matrix RGBW adds a powerful tool to a DoP’s color arsenal while each of the newly designed fixtures improves upon the solid design of the original.


  • Full RGBW Control
  • Custom multi-wavelength LED groups with extensive calibration deliver rich, bright color
  • Smooth dimming to 0% without flicker
  • RDM/DMX512
  • 5V/1A USB powers wireless DMX
  • IP-24 weather resistant
  • XLR power input compatible with 48V battery power
  • Unique Quad-Fresnel accessory for increased punch
  • Future-proof: Ability to upgrade firmware in the field
  • Compatible with industry-standard softboxes and octabanks via speed ring accessory
  • Very lightweight (9.7 lbs) vs. comparable RGB fixtures
  • Extreme durability with high-grade aluminum housing and ruggedized exterior
  • Single light kit falls within standard airline checked bag weight limits
  • Accessories: barndoor, speed ring, quad-fresnel, softbox, softbox grid


Richmond, CA, May 14 2018 – With the release of the Matrix II RGBW fixture, Fiilex makes its first foray into the world of full-color RGB lighting. The Matrix II RGBW features four control modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, and Gel Presets. The Dense Matrix LEDs in the Matrix II RGBW boast multi-wavelength color groups. Other manufacturers have single chips in their array representing a hue range. Fiilex has designed its array with multiple custom chips covering a specific hue. Each chip outputs a specific portion of the hue wavelength and when combined produces a broader and deeper range of hue than other fixtures can produce.

The Matrix II fixtures draw 340W of power and produce an output greater than a 1K tungsten soft light. This output is generated by the four Dense Matrix LED clusters that are set into a custom-designed reflecting chamber and enclosed by a layer of diffusion. With its four LED sources, the Matrix II supports additional optics and accessories that can easily reshape the fixture’s illumination. The fixture is compatible with light banks from Chimera as well as DoP Choice when using the speed ring accessory. It can also be used as a front-focused light with the optional Quad-Fresnel, which increases beam intensity by 3x.

The Matrix II is available in two models. The Matrix II Tunable White and the RGBW model both have an improved mechanical design, smoother dimming down to 0%, magenta/green hue adjustment, and tunable CCT (2800-6500K and 2800-10000K respectively). The Matrix II Tunable White fixture is for the user who is slightly more price sensitive and is primarily concerned with a fixture that produces the highest quality white light.

The housing of each Matrix II fixture is constructed of high grade aluminum along with ruggedized rubber at the impact points making them extremely hard-wearing and shock-resistant.