• sinar_p3Ideal for digital studio photography. With the auxiliary of a Sliding adapter also suited for photography on 120 and 220 roll film.
  • The yaw-free design of the Sinar p3 lets you combine swings and tilts with no time-consuming readjustments.
  • The Sinar p3 is based on the unique asymmetric tilts and swings, not the traditional center or base tilts. This means rapid and precise settings, without ever loosing sharpness on the axis.
  • You can calculate exact swings and tilts in seconds using the asymmetric movements and measuring scales. You won´t have to guess at your movements anymore, and it´s fast – very fast. How?
  • All Sinar p3 movements are gear driven and feature zero position click stops.
  • The Sinar p3´s precision micrometer drives are smooth and self-arresting. Once a movement is set, it stays. You get easy one-hand operation, and no more wrestling with locking knobs.
  • Depth of field calculator tells you exactly how much depth of filed you need for your image, forever eliminating excessive stopping down.
  • Compatible with the proven Sinar System of accessories.
  • Accepts all Sinaron and Sinaron Digital CMV lenses that can be mounted on a 100 mm lens board. When used in conjunction of a Sinar m camera also all Sinaron Digital CAB lenses mounted on a 100 mm lens board can be used.

  • Camera format: 100 mm
  • Vertical shifts: +4cm to -2cm
  • Horizontal shifts: Left 3cm to Right 5cm
  • Coarse tilt: ±45°
  • Fine tilt: ±19°
  • Swing: ±50°
  • Fine focus: 5 cm
  • Bellows extensions with Multipurpose Bellows: 2 to 15 cm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Lenses: Sinaron CEF, CMV, CAB, eShutter