Used digital backs, cameras, lighting and lenses

used digital back and cameraDodd Camera has a wide selection of used digital backs, camera, lenses and lighting equipment. Our offerings range from Phase One and Hasselblad to Profoto, Broncolor, Nikon and Canon.

All of our used products are thoroughly tested in order to provide our customers with a quality used item at a more economical price point. We try to grade the item condition as accurately as possible. Please call 216-361-6805 or email if you have any questions.

Categories Mfg. Item Condition Price
Digital Backs Phase One IQ3 80 Digital Back Excellent $10000
Medium Format Phase One Schneider Kreuznach 110mm LS Lens Very Good $1800
Medium Format Pentax 55mm f2.8 AL SDM AW Lens Excellent $550
Medium Format Pentax 90mm f2.8 D FA 645 Macro ED AW SR Lens Excellent $2800
Medium Format Pentax 645Z Digital 51.4mp 3fps 1080p Very Good $5000
DSLR Kenyon KS-4×4 Gyro Kit w/D-Ring Plate Like New $1850
Lighting Profoto ProDaylight 800 Air HMI Basic Kit Very Good $1900
Lighting Profoto 16′ Acute head extension cable Very Good $140
Lighting Broncolor Pulso G4 3200 Flash Heads Good $1100
Lighting Broncolor Scoro 3200S RFS Generator Very Good $6100
Lighting Profoto Profoto Pro-B Mainsdock Very Good $650
Digital Backs Phase One IQ1 80 Digital Back Very Good $6400
Lighting Broncolor Broncolor Para 220 Very Good $3500
Lighting Profoto Profoto Acute/D4 Ringflash w/Pro Reflector Excellent $750
Technical Camera Sinar Sinar Swiveling Polarizer Filter Like New $700
Digital Backs Sinar Evolution 75H Digital Back Excellent $4500