Fuji GFX 50S II – Solid Medium Format System

Digital medium format has always been out of reach financially for a lot of photographers. Until the Fuji GFX 50s II came out, in which the body alone starts at $3,499 until the end of the month. That is $4,700 cheaper than the Hasselblad X2D body. Those prices don’t include a lens, but don’t worry the kit for the GFX 50s ii starts at only $3,999, still below the price of their competition’s camera body alone.

Some people might find those low prices and worry that you’d be missing out on quality, don’t worry this camera packs a solid punch in the world of digital medium format. Whether you’re a film shooter looking for a solid digital alternative to rising prices or a studio photographer looking for a high resolution solution. With Kodak raising prices upwards of 40% this upcoming year, this is a more appealing option.

The camera provides 51.0 megapixel images for a high quality output. It’ll allow for major adjustments to be made within the files during the editing process. In addition you have the ability to sensor shift images that’ll result in 200 megapixel images, note that a tripod will be necessary for it. The 5-axis stabilization within the camera will certainly allow street photographers, as well as any photographer the confidence to slow their shutter speed down.

The new medium format system is made of what Fujifilm bills as highly rigid magnesium alloy that weighs approximately 900 grams and measures 4.1 inches high and 3.4 inches deep, with an improved grip shape to reduce hand strain and increase comfort. The camera is also weather-resistant at 60 locations, offering dust and moisture resistance and the ability to operate in temperatures as low as 14-degrees Fahrenheit when used with an equally weather-resistant lens. This improved body structure gives you the peace of mind while in inclement weather.

This nearly scratches the surface of the possibilities this camera brings to the table. There is much more that goes into this camera, the possibilities are endless. If this peaks your interest, feel free to contact our Professional Sales line at 216-361-6805!