Profoto B1 – A Brave New TTL World

B1We are pretty excited about the new battery powered B1 monolight from Profoto. At 500 watt-seconds it gives you enough light to overpower the sun while maintaining the slim proportions of the traditional D1 monolight. The quick charge battery gives you 220 full power pops and more than 10,000 at low power. With 9-stops of output control and compatibility with the full line of Profoto light shapers, you can have total control of your location lighting design. What’s more, the B1 is AitTTL compatable, meaning it is compatible with the traditional Profoto Air remote, as well as the new TTL Air remote giving you camera controlled TTL lighting from Canon (and Nikon coming soon) cameras.

Rental Rate: $50/day + $10 for Air remote