Daylite Lightbanks

Daylight-BanksChimera has a reputation for high quality, superior craftsmanship and innovative lighting solutions.  So it’s no surprise that Chimera has developed innovative fabrics that withstand the rigors of high temperatures for hours at a time.  That means more shooting for you and less worry about your equipment!

Daylite Series Banks have a deep design that’s ideal for use with a range of narrow beam Fresnel lights—an exclusive innovation from Chimera! The increased depth allows light to fill the front diffusion screen evenly and increase the output of your light.

  • Daylite Standard Banks: These are built to handle the heat from instruments up to 12,000 watts. Available in three different sizes. Use with rotating Chimera Circular Speed Rings that accommodate lights with front end sizes from 9 to 22-7/8 inches, (230 to 580 mm), Adjustable Speed Rings from 9 to 21-1/2 inches (230 to 545 mm) and Dedicated Speed Rings.
  • Daylite Senior Bank:This heavy hitter is perfect for those really big jobs that require large lights up to 24,000 watts.  This extremely large Lightbank works with rotating 24 to 29 inch (610 to 735 mm) Circular Speed Rings, as well as with an Adjustable Speed Ring from 18-1/2 to 31 inches (470 to 788 mm.)
  • Daylite Junior Banks: Designed for use with small, popular narrow-beam instruments up to 1,200 watts.  There are four different sizes to choose from, and all must be used with Daylite Junior Circular Speed Rings measuring 3-9 inches (78-230 mm,) Adjustable Speed Rings from 5 to 9 inches (125 to 230 mm) and Dedicated Speed Rings.
  • The Daylite Junior Series difference.
    The difference between the Daylite Junior Series and Video PRO series may not be readily apparent when viewing the Lightbank from the front.  But one  look at the side profile and you’ll see the difference.  The Daylite Series Banks are up to 50 percent deeper than standard Lightbanks.  The increased depth allows the full-flood beam of a Fresnel fixture to fill the front diffusion screen and deliver beautiful light from its narrow beam.
Video Pro Lightbanks
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