Black Line Power Supplies and Light Units are built to provide accurate and repeatable light output day-in and day-out. Even Flash Tubes are tested to have a minimum duty cycle of an incredible 100,000 flashes

Black Line Power Supplies offer an incredible output range. Eleven Light Units and hundreds of accessories allow this power to be translated into the exact quantity and quality of light necessary for each shot.

2504CX LV

2405The 2403cx LV provides the studio photographer with the maximum in sophisticated lighting versatility. Utilizing true power output rationing, variable dial-down power control, and six quick release light unit outlets, there are 530 power options available from this 2400Ws pack.

  • Maximum Power:  2400ws
  • Guide Number* at 35º-90º: 710-380
  • Recycle Time:  2.0 seconds
  • Power Channels:  3
  • Ratio Combinations:  53
  • Dial Down:  10
  • Weight:  25 pounds
  • Size:   9" x 12" x 14"
1205CX LV
1005 LV