K5600 introduces the Kurve – A line of large parabolic reflectors that takes your Joker from the smallest to the largest light on set.

Available in three different diameters (3, 4.5, & 6 feet), the Kurve parabolic reflectors are focusable and adaptable to not only the abundant number of Jokers already within the market, but infinite other fixtures as well – from flash to incandescent lighting.

The Kurve’s unique shape and sizes provide beautiful, even, focusable light with unique highlights and wrapping ability. Softboxes are soft and flat while the Kurve provides a distinct light over large areas with excellent shadows and a light quality perfect for rich, beautiful shots and a sparkle in the eye.

Every Kurve Kit includes the items you need to get the job done, all in one case, like every Joker that has come before it.

  • The Kurve – Easy to open, the patented multi-cam system simply requires a push and a turn. No skinned fingers, no fear of not locking in place, the Kurve literally sets up in seconds. Its outer skin is made from a highly robust Technora blend, perfect for rental environments that can be hard on fabrics. The soft silver interior evens out the light quality, eliminating rings and shadow aberrations which accompany many faceted reflectors currently in the market.
  • H/T Focus Tube – Specifically designed for use with the Joker 800 and Joker 1600, this focus tube is like a giant pin extender and adaptable to any Joker 800 or 1600 on the market. For added versatility, Joker 800 3200K lamps are also compatible.
  • Alternate Focus Tube – This hollow tube has a removable baby pin on its end. Simply mount whatever fixture you desire and run the fixture cable through the focus tube and out the back of the Kurve. No need for dangling cables or haphazard set-ups.
  • Protective Glass – For use with the H/T Focus Tube, the protective glass covers the globe by screwing onto the end – no tools required.
  • Counter Light Reflector – Attaches to the end of the Protective Glass – again, no tools required.
  • Yoke Mount with Crank – The yoke mount with it’s internal, machined gears allows for smooth movement of the Kurve for nearly 180 degrees. It is adaptable to both baby and junior mounts.
  • Diffusion – Not recommended, but often requested, three diffusers with varying densities are included with each Kurve for an “extra” soft look.
Joker 400

j400The Joker-Bug 400 combines the characteristics of the BUG-LITE 400, a 400 Watt daylight HMI system without optics, with those of the JOKER 400, a PAR 46 fixture using a specular parabolic reflector and a set of 4 lenses. The JOKER-BUG 400 is comparable to a 1500/2000Wquartz fixture but with a power draw of only 5.5 Amps.

In the Bug-Lite mode (no optics) the main application is in traditional Lightbanks as well as Lanterns where it uses the sides as a large reflector, collecting the maximum output of the lamp and filling the front screen very evenly. It is very powerful in daylight interiors and can operate in any position including pointing straight down.

The BEAMER optical accessory turns the BUG-LITE into a JOKER-BUG, a directional PAR unit offering various beam patterns through quick lens changes. The JOKER-BUG 400 offers the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting by achieving Spot to Flood ratios of 80 to 1 with beam angles from as narrow as 5 degrees to as wide as 55 degrees.

The JOKER-BUG 400 is delivered with a Clear Glass Beaker when reaching for full intensity is important, and a Frosted Glass Beaker when light quality is the prime concern. The 400W MSR lamp was selected for its size/weight and the sizes/weights of the components needed to operate it. The MSR lamp with its GZZ 9.5 base is considerably smaller than the next traditional Wattage, the 575 (G22 base); this in turn allows for more compact and shorter fixture design. The shorter arc gap of the 400 makes up for the difference of output between 400 and 575 and the lower Wattage does not require forced air cooling of the power supply.

Joker 800
Joker 1600