The Leaf Credo series of digital camera backs deliver legendary Leaf image quality along with speed and versatility. Available in 40, 60 and 80 megapixels, all Leaf Credo digital backs deliver exciting new features including a 3.2” high resolution LCD with a viewing angle of 170° to elegantly display detailed images.

The Credo delivers the stunning, film-like quality that has been Leaf’s trademark for many years. The large, specially designed CCD sensor featuring an unsurpassed 12.5 f-stops of dynamic range provides unmatched detail, richness of color, low noise and beautiful tonality.

Lossless 16-bit file compression accelerates file handling without loss of image quality.

Credo 80

Weighing in at 80MP, the Leaf Credo 80 uses the highest resolution CCD sensor on the market to deliver unbelievable detail and image quality. With a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops, the Leaf Credo 80 faithfully reproduces images with extreme tonal differences and details in just one shot.010-13011A   LEAF CREDO 80 DIGITAL BACK fUNIV

  • CCD size: 53.7 x 40.3 mm
  • Active pixels: 10,320 x 7752
  • Resolution: 80 MP
  • Capture rate: 0.7 frame/sec
  • Crop factor: 1:1
  • ISO sensitivity: 35-800
Credo 60
Credo 50
Creo 40