eXactThe Sinarback eXact features multiple shooting modes.

There are two XL modes where the back shoots with an effective 192 MP sensor. There’s the XL 4-shot mode, which provides 192 MP ‘single-shot quality’, however, there’s also the XL 16- shot mode, which samples real colors from the subject for each half-pixel step in both directions.
 And it’s this method, which provides un-interpolated color sampling for cleaner more accurate colors with greater contour sharpness unmatched by any other device. The new Sinarback eXact sets new benchmarks for both image-quality
and the integrity of your data! Naturally, the Sinarback eXact ideally suits applications where larger file sizes and/or highest quality/color-accuracy is necessary for the job at hand…but wait, there’s more.

Sinarback eXact ‘all in one’
 — when biggest may not be best for your workflow

In recent years, it’s fair to say there’s been an ever-increasing upward trend in the pixel density of MFD sensors. However, not only Sinar, but their clients too, have become acutely aware of the postproduction burden when producing images way too large for the purpose at hand.

Shooting Mode# pixels in MPExport file size, 8-bit RGBExport file size, 16-bit RGB
1-shot S123672
1-shot M2163126
4-shot XL1925761152
16-shot XL1925761152

Digital Characteristics Sinar Digital Back eXact

  • Type Sensor: Dalsa FTF 6080C – RGB Mosaikfilter, Full Frame
  • Size of Sensor: 8000 x 6000 Pixel, 48.8 Mio Pixel / 48.0 x 36.0mm
  • Display: No
  • File Format: DNG
  • File Size: 144 MB (24 BIT), 288 MB (48 BIT)
  • Exposure Rate: Up to 13 Exposures per Minute
  • Live Image: Yes
  • Exposure Time: 1/10000 second up to 32 seconds
  • Nominal Sensitivity: ISO 50 - 800
  • Digitalization: 48 BIT (16 Bits per Channel)
  • File Storage: Firewire direct on the Hard Disc
  • Active Cooling: Yes
  • Power Supply: Firewire 800
  • Software: Sinar CaptureFlow
  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.7.x and higher, Windows 7 and higher
  • Camera Interface: Sinar p3/p2/p/x view cameras, Sinar m, Hasselblad V, H; Mamiya 645 AFD, AFD II, 645 Super, Pro, Pro TL; any non-Sinar 4×5“ view cameras via Graflok adapter
eVolution 76H / 86H